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Recognized by 150+ countries and 8000+ schools
Rocognized by 150+ countries and 8000+ schools
As global education speeds up, English becomes more crucial as an international language.
In China, rapid economic development has led to increased international exchanges and cooperation, making alignment of school education with international standards inevitable.
The surge in English learning across China highlights the urgent need for highly qualified international English teachers.
The TESOL certificate is recognized in over 100 countries and 5000 schools, and it is vital for multinational company job applications.
70% of multinational English education institutions require passing the TESOL exam. 90% of China's top 100 English education institutions require a TESOL certificate.
The TESOL certificate is essential for foreign teachers in China and increasingly required for Chinese educators in many schools and language institutions.
What TESOL certificate is?
Recognized by 150+ countries and 8000+ schools
TESOL stands for "Teaching English to speakers of other languages," which involves teaching English to students whose first language is not English. The certificate is known as the "TESOL International English Teaching Qualification Certificate."
The TESOL certificate is a globally recognized qualification for ESL teachers, setting international standards in English teaching effectiveness and authority.
Holders of the TESOL certificate are recognized as English teaching experts by schools and language institutions in over 100 countries worldwide. Having a TESOL certificate is akin to obtaining a globally recognized "green pass" for English teaching qualifications!
TESOL certificate's key value
- Fully complies with UNESCO's international English teaching standards. - Significantly enhances your English proficiency to international levels. - Is a globally recognized, world-class professional certificate in English teaching. - Serves as the internationally recognized "green card" for English teaching qualifications. - Is a mandatory qualification for foreign teachers applying for the Foreign Expert Certificate. - Approved by the Foreign Education Experts Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. - Helps you secure high-paying jobs and achieve career advancement dreams.
TESOL for Business
2024 TESOL registration
In process
Reminder:Class size up to 10,reservation needed
Before registration:
Materials needed:
Sign up form and materials needed,pay 1000 to save spots and receive materials

ID, academic credentials, graduation certificate, English proficiency certificate, English resume, and registration form to the email for registration.
07/ 08 (Advanced)

1. Understand TESOL courses and qualifications. 2. Consult based on your English level, teaching experience, and student demographics. 3. Register online or in person with necessary documents. 4. Pay via cash, bank transfer, POS, Alipay, or WeChat. 5. Receive TESOL materials and choose study dates. 6. Learn from expert trainers and take exams. 7. Obtain your certificate upon passing (one free retest available).

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TESOL registration process
TESOL course schedules

TESOL Offline Training Schedule 2024/06-2024/10

2024/06 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL Advanced Certificate06/08-06/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Children Certificate06/24-06/289:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/07 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate07/8-07/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate07/22-07/269:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/08 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate08/12-08/169:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate08/19-08/239:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/09 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate09/02-09/069:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate09/15-09/199:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/10 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate10/01-10/059:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate10/06-10/109:30-16:00Small class size:8-12


TESOL official Wechat:13011180737 ;TESOLbj

Group discount:5+ people sign up, ¥1000 discount for everyone

D‍ownload registration form‍

TESOL target group
In-service English Teacher:
English teachers aiming to improve teaching standards and gain international qualifications for career advancement.
On campus Students:
Students with CET-6 or higher, and those aspiring to teach English globally.
Foreigners in China:
Native English-speaking foreigners who enjoy diverse cultures, embrace challenges, and wish to work in education in China or globally.
Aspiring English educators with good skills and those planning to study or work abroad.
TESOL course set
Choosed by over 90 thouands of students
TESOL for Children

TESOL Advanced
TESOL for Business
Method:Online records/ offline training
Materials:Main textbook, exam outline, study guide, and CD
Aiming on 3-12 years old children
Method:Online records/ offline training
Materials:Main textbook, exam outline, study guide, and CD

Aiming on middle school to adults
Method:Online records/ offline training
Materials:Main textbook, exam outline, study guide, and CD

Aiming on businessman and enterprises
Offline Training
Online training
Value in-person learning: focus better, immerse in a strong academic atmosphere, and progress quickly. Clean, comfortable, well-equipped classrooms enhance learning through face-to-face expert interaction and engaging activities. Ideal for flexible schedules, enabling rapid progress.
Utilize self-paced learning anytime, anywhere, and submit assignments once via email for exams that match offline formats, including assignments, interviews, and demos.
Promote a blend of online and in-person learning, integrating their advantages to create personalized learning plans.
Online submission and interviews
Personalized study plan
Recorded lectures
Face to face training
Online courses
Online study platform
anytime and anywhere
1 to 1 service
Online records
manage exams
Exclusive personalized service Quickly solve difficult problems
Not limitation on visit times, review anytime
All lectures recorded by examiner or instructors
Exam countdown and study logs
Schedule study progress accordingly
Past exam papers and practice tests
Expert analysis to reinforce
New tech on education
Course develop group
Combining Internet, VR+, Big Data+, and education
Foundational research in teaching methods, content, and curriculum development
Professional norms and standards, teacher qualifications and standards, curriculum and effectiveness assessment standards
Multiple service guarantees to ensure worry-free exams
Choosed by 900+ thouands of students
Our team of over 200 in teaching and research ensures high-quality education, complemented by dozens of seasoned experts who refine our courses.
On-site payment with Alipay and secure bank transfers ensures reliable service, including re-study and refund options for worry-free learning.
We have 1500 teachers and a 200-member curriculum team dedicated to student success, helping 900,000 achieve their dreams and gaining widespread trust.
Sign paper agreements for peace of mind in learning and exams, with full support from course selection to training completion.
Student-centered service excellence is our priority.
Our success is intertwined with theirs; their achievements are our achievements.
Keep 1 to 1 service
Personalized plan
Responsible for exam
Diverse teaching method
From start to finish, we provide full support. Signing up means having a dedicated learning coach. We truly offer 1-on-1 guidance throughout.
Tailoring study plans based on individual circumstances.
Years of experience have culminated in a comprehensive exam preparation program, designed to eliminate learning obstacles comprehensively.
More learning options, higher efficiency,
Deep interaction, full-day online tutoring,
Dedicated to assisting students at every moment of their learning.
605-606, Haige Intl Building, Xuanwumen, BJ, China


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