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Three years ago, I started to work in an children’sEnglish training institution. I began to know the work of English teacher forchildren. I think this is a worthwhile work. English is a worldwide language. Learning English is meaningful in our life. I gotmy degree from overseas, so I want to be an English teacher. Ihave no teaching experience, but I can learn from teachers of our school. I wasa teaching assistant in the English class, but I need to be qualifiedand to get certificate.. The reason why I came TESOL in China, because Iwant to change my career to English teacher for children.


On the first day, I became a student of TESOL in China.There are seven students in this course during this week. I am only one fromBeijing. Other students came from all over the China. I really admire theirmotivation to learn this course and some of them are ever experienced teachers.The staff of TESOL in China are very friendly.

TESOL for children course is a fivedays course. Theyprovide exam syllabus and textbook and a lot of teaching resources that we canuse in this course. This course is informative and rich in content. The teacherdid not just repeat a textbook and is not just listening by us. We learnknowledge from listing, reading, specking and writing.

We learned many teaching methods that we can use these toown class. We learned a lot of games from this course, and also we playtogether and learning from fun. Learning English from games is very suitablefor children. These teaching methods are particularly vivid. It is not as rigidas Chinese teaching method. In China, our teacher just stand in front of theblackboard. Learning through games, it seems a easy and nature way to get newknowledge. We have played many teaching games and class activities by ourselvesand we can see the effect. For example, two golden rules: Say what I say, Dowhat I do; Say opposite I say, do opposite I do. Touching games: teacher readthe words and students touch the cards with hands, feet, head and whole body,etc. These games are good for remember the words and theirpronunciations.

We have learned TESOL age categories, second languageacquisition and teaching levels, such as stage of language development,comprehensible input and output theory, bilingualism. We learned learningstyles for different intelligence types, and there are eight types ofintelligence in textbook. Moreover, we learned discipline in the classroom,many teaching approaches and method in our course, such as Rassias method, thecommunicative approach. There are a lot of theories and methods we have learnedin this course that are very useful for our teaching.


Thinking maps is a part of our course. Thinking maps areall graphic organizer to support specific thinking skills and organizeinformation. For example, Bubble map, circle map and Tree map and so on.Thinking maps is logical. It can improve our ability of thinking and active ourbrain. And also, it can put complex things in order and we can easilyunderstand them.  

In addition to knowledge learning, we also need masterhow to control our classroom.   I learned some methods to controlclass in these days . For example, eye contact, walk through the class, use pento point student, teacher say“Hands on top”students will answer“That’s meanstop”, etc. These methods can get the children’s attention on the teacher andstudy in the class.

We did the lesson plan at the fourth day. Lesson plan isthe aim of our class and a guide for the teacher. We need know about ourstudents, such as language level and age. We need creating friendly class. Inour lesson plan is including background information, teaching objects, teachingaids, teaching methods, teaching procedures. There are warm-up, presentation,production, practice, performing, summarizing, and homework in teachingprocedures. We must apply all what we have learned during these days. We chosethe topic at first, then we need to think what kind of methods and games wehave learned can fit with my topic. We did some practise during the classtime.  

Finally, we have to do demo class for our part of exam. Iwish I will be not too nervous in the exam. I will do my best.

Overall, I have learned a lot of knowledge and Englishteaching method in this course. I am happy to be TESOL course. I had great daysin here. Our teacher is very friendly, professional, and helpful. I hope I canpass all exams and will get certificate in the further. I also need to improvemy English levels to be a good teacher. I should continue to work hard andstudy hard.



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